Defense Attorney Houston

A Defense Lawyer Protects the Client’s Constitutional Rights

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When one faces criminal charges, they are known as a defendant. Before conviction, the government must prove the person’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The Constitution offers defendants many rights, which control investigation, prosecution and punishment. Read on to learn about a defendant’s rights according to Federal law. Protections Offered by the Fourth Amendment The Fourth […]

Murder Charges

Possible Defenses to Murder Charges

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First-degree murder defenses are grouped into two categories. Some defendants claim innocence, while others admit to the act but argue that it was not first-degree murder. The latter group of defendants can assert self-defense, legal incapacitation or justification. A Houston Attorney may argue that a client’s act does not prove all of the elements of […]

How to Handle a Domestic Violence Charge

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A domestic violence charge is not a minor charge and it’s something that could definitely be taken as seriously as possible. When a person is arrested and charged with this, they need to find out which charge they’re being accused of and hire a lawyer immediately. The lawyer can help them form a defense to […]