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4 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney in Houston

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When facing criminal charges in Houston, one may also face life-changing consequences. Whether or not there’s a basis for the charges, the justice system is setup in the prosecution’s favor. Extensive paperwork, lengthy trials and pleas are complex, and a simple mistake can result in severe consequences. Unless the accused has a criminal defense attorney, […]

Weapons Charges Houston

The Basics of Weapons Possession Cases

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Weapons possession may be illegal depending on the situation. In many jurisdictions, some weapons are prohibited, and possession can lead to prosecution. In other cases, certain people may not be allowed to own weapons. The Constitution guarantees Americans’ right to bear arms, but illegal weapons possession can lead to serious charges. In this article, readers […]

Weapons Charge

Understanding Weapons Possession Charges in Houston

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Individuals often associate the term weapon with a gun, yet a weapon is actually any item that may be employed to carry out deadly force. This includes a wide range of items, including brass knuckles, knives and sharp objects. In addition, a weapons possession charge could mean law enforcement found the weapon in a person’s […]


Manslaughter Is A Serious Charge

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The difference between murder and manslaughter revolves around intent. There are two forms of manslaughter, voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is a crime that occurs because of unexpected rage. For example, a man comes home and finds his wife with another man. He would be charged with voluntary manslaughter if he shoots and kills him. […]

Domestic Violence

Reviewing Domestic Violence In Texas

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In Texas, domestic violence is classified as a heinous offense. These charges are the result of assault and battery among household members. The charges could result in prison sentences and hefty fines. An attorney could help individuals who are facing domestic violence charge build a defense. Defining Domestic Violence Domestic violence isn’t limited to blood […]


Evaluating Probabilities In A Domestic Violence Case

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In Texas, varying circumstances could constitute domestic violence. These criminal acts are connected to an intent to do bodily harm. These actions could also include provocative or sexual contact that is unwanted. Local criminal attorneys provide legal assistance for any individual who is facing a domestic violence charge. Identifying the True Victim When officers arrive […]

Domestic Violence Attorney

What To Expect When Facing Domestic Violence Offences

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In the state of Texas, domestic violence is classified as the intent to inflict bodily harm against a member of the same household. Victims in these crimes are often children, spouses, siblings, and parents. They also include current or previous romantic partners. Local criminal law attorneys are available to help any defendant facing a domestic […]