Hire an Attorney for Help With the Entrapment Defense

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Entrapment is a defense where police encourage a person to commit an offense that they wouldn’t otherwise have committed. The defense works under the assumption that a normal person would have resisted temptation if not for intervention by law enforcement personnel. Can a Person Use the Entrapment Defense? One can claim their innocence of a […]

DWI Attorney

4 Reasons To Hire A DWI Attorney

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When a person is arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated, it can be a very scary time. If found guilty, not only would the individual need to surrender their license, they would also need to pay a great deal of money in fines, attend mandatory alcohol abuse classes, and they might be required to […]

Houston Defense Attorney

Fortune Favors the Prepared – Hire a Criminal Attorney Today

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Everyone makes mistakes and not everyone pays for their mistakes accordingly. Sometimes people pay the price for a crime they didn’t commit. The justice system isn’t perfect and sometimes serious mistakes are made. Even if a guilty judgment is correct the sentence might not be fair and reasonable considering the circumstances. Being arrested doesn’t have […]

Criminal Conviction

Why You Might Need a Criminal Attorney

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When many people think about an attorney, they think of them as crooked professionals, or someone who will lie in his or her profession to help a client. People have very little to say or think positively towards attorneys. However, if people would stop to think, they might realize that having an attorney that can […]

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Why It is Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

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If one is facing charges for drug possession or distribution, they face time in county jail or state prison, along with steep fines, probation and a lifelong criminal record. In this article, readers can learn why it’s important to have an attorney on their side. Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Change the Outcome of a Case While […]