DWI Attorney

5 Things to Look for in a DWI Attorney

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When a person is arrested for DWI and they can’t plea bargain because they don’t want a permanent blemish on their criminal record, hiring a DWI attorney is the only option. There are many lawyers in the Houston area, which can make the selection process difficult. To find the right attorney for a particular case, […]

Criminal Charges

Is There a Chance of the Charges Being Dropped?

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One of the first things a person who has been arrested hopes for is that the charges will be dropped. The charges may be quickly dropped by the prosecution if they decline to press charges after the arrest, but this doesn’t happen often. However, there is still the chance that a lawyer can have the […]

Defense Attorney

Tips on Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If a person is facing criminal charges or is arrested, they need help from a criminal defense attorney. A good lawyer can explain a client’s rights at every stage of the criminal justice process, and they can help the person avoid a lengthy jail sentence in some cases. Below is additional information on hiring a […]

Criminal Conviction

Paying Your Attorney-What You Need to Know

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When in need of an attorney, most people tend to only look at costs. The problem some encounter is they are unable to pay for an attorney and don’t understand what their options are. What is the cost of hiring a lawyer? Many factors will determine how much someone is expected to pay, and understanding these […]

Houston Criminal Law Firm of Vinas & Graham

Advantages of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Formerly Was a Prosecuting Attorney

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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer who used to work for the prosecution provides significant advantages to people who have been charged with a crime. By working in positions such as assistant district attorney and chief prosecutor in a specific division, they acquire valuable trial experience and have many chances to hone their skills. They see […]