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Why Seek Legal Representation Whe Arrested?

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Many people do not seek legal representation immediately after an arrest. They may feel they cannot afford an attorney; they may think the outcome will be the same with, or without a lawyer; or they may simply trust the legal system. Those same people often regret that decision because there are several ways a criminal […]

Defense Attorney

Things to Consider When Hiring a Defense Attorney

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For those that have run afoul of the law, choosing a criminal defense attorney to mount their defense in court can be a life changing decision. Regardless of the gravity of the crime, it’s important to hire an attorney as quickly as possible. In felony cases this rings doubly true, as the stakes are often […]

Murder Charges in Texas

5 Possible Defenses to First-Degree Murder Charges

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Murder charge defenses fall into two categories: assertions that the defendant did not commit the offense, and admissions that the person did commit the crime without meeting the requirements for first-degree murder charges. In some cases, defendants can argue that the prosecution has not proven the elements of a first-degree charge, and the prosecutor has […]

The Cost of Not Using a Criminal Defense Attorney

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In the United States the legal system has established the most severe punishments for those who take the life of another human being. It has also offered the opportunity for those accused of causing a death to defend themselves. This has been necessary because of the risk of someone being wrongly accused, but also because […]