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Plea Options for Simple Assault Charges

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There are several different plea options, as well as additional alternatives to trial available when a person is facing simple assault charges in Texas. While each case is different, knowing the potential options can be beneficial. Assault is considered a misdemeanor charge; however, it is still a serious crime that a person should take seriously. […]

Simple Assault

Understanding Simple Assault

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Assault is considered a violent crime. In some cases, it is defined as the intentional use of violence or force against another person, such as hitting or striking someone with a fist or object. However, in other cases, a person may be charged with assault even if they never touched the victim. In this case, […]

Assault charges in Texas

Classifications Simple Assault Charges in Texas

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An assault is a criminal charge which involves some form of violence or threat of violence against another. There are different levels of simple assault charges in Texas. The consequences for being convicted of a simple assault can vary greatly and range from being charged with a fine to spending time in jail, or both. […]