Criminal Conviction

Tips for Finding a Job After a Criminal Conviction

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A Texas criminal conviction can make a person’s life exceedingly difficult, particularly when it is time to find gainful employment. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advocate for a client’s rights in cases related to false arrest, police misconduct, excessive force and more. Attorneys know that clients face many challenges after a conviction, and they […]

Houston Defense Attorney

A Good Attorney: Why It’s Important To Have One

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Some people falsely convince themselves they do not need a attorney when appearing before a judge, jury, or any other manner of court appearance. This belief could not be further from the truth. There is no way the average person will be able to understand all of the intricacies of the law nor be able […]

Robbery Charges

Robbery Charges and Penalties

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Robbery charges typically result from the act of taking something of value from a person in their presence using either force or violence or a threat of force or violence. During a robbery, the perpetrator always uses a weapon or threatens to use one. In most states, there are harsh penalties for robbery charges including up […]