5 Questions to Ask Your DWI Attorney

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Did you know that in 2017 the number of new DWI cases was more than twice the active cases for the same misdemeanor?

Since you are here, this probably means you have a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge. If this isn’t your first rodeo you might be asking yourself, do I hire the same DWI attorney from my last case? Or do I consult another lawyer?

So what should you know before and during the DWI case process? The key here is to stay informed and ask the right questions.

Don’t worry, we’re going to make it easy for you. Here are five questions you should ask your DWI attorney.

1. Is There a Charge for the Consultation?

When it comes to the first consultation it’s customary for attorneys to offer it for free. But, there are still some law offices that charge it depending on the case.

Also, you should ask what you can expect when it comes to the fees.

Ask questions like:

  • Do you bill per hour or for a flat rate?
  • What services are included in the rate?
  • What legal expenses can I expect? Ask for an estimate.

It’s enough that you have a DWI. You don’t need any MORE surprises!

2. What Can You Tell Me About Your Legal Experience?

First of all, you want to get to know the lawyer you are hiring.

DWI cases are complicated. You want to make sure you are getting the best option.

Some of the questions you should ask the attorney are:

  • Do you have experience defending DWI cases?
  • How many DWI cases have you defended?
  • What results have you been able to get in similar situations?

By asking these questions, you will make sure that this DWI Attorney can represent you.

3. Have You Appeared at the Court Where I’m Being Charged?

When you have a DWI, like in chess, you must make the best moves. When hiring an attorney, make sure to hire someone who has experience in the court where you are being charged.

The Rule of Thumb is that if the attorney has appeared there many times before, they will know the ropes of that courtroom.

4. What Options Do I Have in My Case?

So you made a mistake, and you have been charged with a DWI. Now you must be asking yourself, will I end up in jail? Will I have to pay a fine?

There are different penalties for drunk driving. It will all depend on your case. Is it your first, second, or third offense?

An attorney is the perfect resource to get an idea of what can happen before, during and after the case. Give them enough information so they can give you a clear possible outcome.

5. Will You Be My DWI Attorney?

When you go to your consultation, you might not meet the attorney who is going to be in charge of your case. So for you to be informed and comfortable when hiring your lawyer, ask them.

If they say they won’t be in charge of your case, ask to meet the lawyer who will be. If he or she isn’t available, ask for a consult with them.

You need to know what you are getting into. No more surprises!

When hiring your DWI Attorney, don’t forget the basics, be informed, and ask the right questions.

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