Attempted murder

Have You Been Charged With Attempted Murder?

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If you’ve been charged with attempted murder, your life has probably been turned upside down. You probably wonder what to do and how to get out of trouble. Right now, the question isn’t whether you committed the crime. The question is, who will defend you in this difficult time? Attempted Murder Is A Very Serious […]

is a DUI a felony

Is A DUI A Felony In Texas? Your Answer Here

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Houston has quite a reputation of a party town. Unfortunately, this non-stop partying attributed to 1,492 DUI-related crashes in 2016. Those lucky to avoid crashes are met with tough justice having them wonder… is a DUI a felony? The short answer: It depends. Let’s use this article to explain the factors and your options with a DUI […]

felony possession of a firearm

Charged With Felony Possession Of A Firearm? Here’s What To Do

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If you are charged with a felony possession of a firearm, you can go to prison for ten to fifteen years without the offering of parole. This punishment varies from state to state but is pretty common all over the United States. If you have been charged with a felony possession of a firearm, here are some […]

Houston Homicide Attorney

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Homicide Attorneys

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Over the past twenty years, thousands of Americans have been exonerated after being found guilty of crimes they did not commit, including murder. A wrongful conviction can rob years of freedom from innocent people. Individuals charged with homicide face harsh penalties, including capital punishment. Without an attorney to effectively highlight mitigating circumstances, it can be difficult to […]

drug crime

When Does A Drug Crime Become A Federal Offense?

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Are you being charged with a drug crime? Wondering whether you’ll be facing a state or federal offense? While it can be serious enough to face drug crime charges in your state, it can be even more worrying if it becomes a federal offense. There are many reasons why this may happen, and if it does, you […]

DWI In Texas

Facing A DWI Charge In Texas: What You Need To Know

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DWI Charges In Texas Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense with serious consequences. If you are charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), it is important for you to understand what you may face so you can protect your rights. The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate but […]