Domestic Violence Charges

How to Prepare for a Domestic Violence Case in Court

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Aside from the mental and physical trauma that’s already occurred in a domestic violence case, there is the added pain of gathering the proper evidence for a court case. Whether you want a restraining order or a sentence on your attacker, it’s essential to be prepared by gathering all of the pertinent evidence you might […]


DUI vs. DWI: What’s the Legal Difference?

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Have you recently been pulled over and tested for drinking and driving in Houston? Were you charged or arrested for being under the influence while driving? Wondering what the difference is between a DWI and a DUI? Despite common belief, there are legal differences between DUI and DWI offenses. And because of the differences, it’s […]

armed robbery

What Are Your Legal Options After Being Arrested for Armed Robbery?

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The FBI reports that an average of around 170,000 armed robberies occur each year, inclusive of those that occur with firearms, knives, and other weapons. If you’ve been arrested for armed robbery, you might not know where to turn next. The good news is that no matter which side of the law you’re on, you’re entitled […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Houston

What Qualifies as a Domestic Violence Act?

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If you’ve been following the news on Ezekiel Elliot‘s domestic violence case, you would know that his attorneys are appealing the NFL’s decision to suspend him for six games. They reasoned that Elliot’s accuser had not been credible and that even Kia Roberts, the NFL director of investigations, recommended no suspension for the player. Now, […]

drug lawyer

How to Know If You Need a Drug Lawyer

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The legal system of America can be a complex and unforgiving machine, especially if you find yourself convicted of a drug related crime. You are more than your bad choice in the moment, and you need an experienced professional to help a judge, a prosecutor, and/or a jury to see this. This is where the […]

Fourth Amendment

Facts About The Fourth Amendment & Your Rights

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The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America is part of the original Bill of Rights. It has been in place since 1791. The intent of the Amendment is to protect citizens from unreasonable search and seizure by law enforcement and other agents of the government. Origins The Fourth Amendment finds it origins […]