Charged with assault

What to Do if You’ve Been Charged With Assault

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Recently charged with assault? You’re probably feeling confused, scared, irritated, or generally uncertain about how to proceed. That’s normal! Fortunately, while getting charged with assault can be a serious consequence, there are several legal steps you can take to protect yourself. Information is key, and we’re here to break down exactly what you can do […]

Assault Charges in Texas

Commonly Asked Questions about Assault Charges

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According to statistics, assault is the most commonly committed violent crime in the entire United States. In many areas, this crime is classified as being “aggravated” or “simple.” Simple assault charges are when another person is nervous that a physical attack may occur with the use of a weapon. Aggravated assault charges are filed when […]

Lawyers in Houston

Plea Options for Simple Assault Charges

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There are several different plea options, as well as additional alternatives to trial available when a person is facing simple assault charges in Texas. While each case is different, knowing the potential options can be beneficial. Assault is considered a misdemeanor charge; however, it is still a serious crime that a person should take seriously. […]

Simple Assault

Understanding Simple Assault

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Assault is considered a violent crime. In some cases, it is defined as the intentional use of violence or force against another person, such as hitting or striking someone with a fist or object. However, in other cases, a person may be charged with assault even if they never touched the victim. In this case, […]

Assault charges in Texas

Classifications Simple Assault Charges in Texas

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An assault is a criminal charge which involves some form of violence or threat of violence against another. There are different levels of simple assault charges in Texas. The consequences for being convicted of a simple assault can vary greatly and range from being charged with a fine to spending time in jail, or both. […]