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What Qualifies as a Domestic Violence Act?

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If you’ve been following the news on Ezekiel Elliot‘s domestic violence case, you would know that his attorneys are appealing the NFL’s decision to suspend him for six games. They reasoned that Elliot’s accuser had not been credible and that even Kia Roberts, the NFL director of investigations, recommended no suspension for the player. Now, […]

Domestic Violence

Reviewing Domestic Violence In Texas

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In Texas, domestic violence is classified as a heinous offense. These charges are the result of assault and battery among household members. The charges could result in prison sentences and hefty fines. An attorney could help individuals who are facing domestic violence charge build a defense. Defining Domestic Violence Domestic violence isn’t limited to blood […]


Evaluating Probabilities In A Domestic Violence Case

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In Texas, varying circumstances could constitute domestic violence. These criminal acts are connected to an intent to do bodily harm. These actions could also include provocative or sexual contact that is unwanted. Local criminal attorneys provide legal assistance for any individual who is facing a domestic violence charge. Identifying the True Victim When officers arrive […]