murder laws in Texas

Your Guide to Murder Laws in Texas

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Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were caught with blood on your hands? Whether or not you find yourself in this situation, it is important to familiarize yourself with the murder laws in Texas. A federal criminal charge is a serious offense, and in some cases can lead to the death […]

Murder Charges in Texas

5 Possible Defenses to First-Degree Murder Charges

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Murder charge defenses fall into two categories: assertions that the defendant did not commit the offense, and admissions that the person did commit the crime without meeting the requirements for first-degree murder charges. In some cases, defendants can argue that the prosecution has not proven the elements of a first-degree charge, and the prosecutor has […]

The Cost of Not Using a Criminal Defense Attorney

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In the United States the legal system has established the most severe punishments for those who take the life of another human being. It has also offered the opportunity for those accused of causing a death to defend themselves. This has been necessary because of the risk of someone being wrongly accused, but also because […]

Murder Charges

Possible Defenses to Murder Charges

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First-degree murder defenses are grouped into two categories. Some defendants claim innocence, while others admit to the act but argue that it was not first-degree murder. The latter group of defendants can assert self-defense, legal incapacitation or justification. A Houston Attorney may argue that a client’s act does not prove all of the elements of […]