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Is Your Concealed Blade Legal? Find Out Here

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As the debate about gun laws and open carry rage on, a surprising number of Texans find themselves forgotten and in uncertain territory. While Texans can openly carry a pistol as of January 1, 2016, what about other weapons? Bladed weapons are an entirely different matter altogether, so if you’re wondering what the law says about a […]

Weapons Charges Houston

The Basics of Weapons Possession Cases

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Weapons possession may be illegal depending on the situation. In many jurisdictions, some weapons are prohibited, and possession can lead to prosecution. In other cases, certain people may not be allowed to own weapons. The Constitution guarantees Americans’ right to bear arms, but illegal weapons possession can lead to serious charges. In this article, readers […]

Weapons Charge

Understanding Weapons Possession Charges in Houston

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Individuals often associate the term weapon with a gun, yet a weapon is actually any item that may be employed to carry out deadly force. This includes a wide range of items, including brass knuckles, knives and sharp objects. In addition, a weapons possession charge could mean law enforcement found the weapon in a person’s […]