Tips for Finding a Job After a Criminal Conviction

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Criminal Conviction

A Texas criminal conviction can make a person’s life exceedingly difficult, particularly when it is time to find gainful employment. An experienced criminal defense attorney can advocate for a client’s rights in cases related to false arrest, police misconduct, excessive force and more. Attorneys know that clients face many challenges after a conviction, and they can help clients resume a normal life. Below are several tips on finding employment with a criminal record.

Practice Appropriate Disclosure

Depending on the client’s situation, they may not be required to divulge their criminal conviction to a potential employer in Texas. Previous offenses may be erased through certain rehabilitative programs run by the state. With some juvenile convictions, records can be expunged and kept from the public eye; other convictions can be hidden after a set time has passed. When a person applies to jobs, he or she should understand the company’s disclosure rules. However, in personal dealings with employers, clients should always be honest about their criminal history.

Know the Record

It is important to form career goals in consideration of one’s criminal conviction. For instance, a position in the finance or security sectors would be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain if one has a record of fraud, theft or robbery. To narrow the job search, avoid jobs the conviction rules out, and be willing to take an entry-level position.

Build a Network

Having a criminal conviction means that a client should focus on regaining his or her workplace credibility. If it’s possible, clients can ask friends and family members to recommend job opportunities. As the client rebuilds his or her work history, they can ask for professional recommendations. While criminal convictions can signify a degree of uncertainty to some employers, having good personal and professional recommendations can increase a client’s chances of being hired.

Though it can be very challenging, it is possible for a person to find fulfilling work in spite of his or her criminal history. For a lawyer who thinks with the client’s long-term success in mind, call the office or visit the website for additional information or to schedule a consultation.

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