Reviewing Domestic Violence In Texas

Domestic Violence

In Texas, domestic violence is classified as a heinous offense. These charges are the result of assault and battery among household members. The charges could result in prison sentences and hefty fines. An attorney could help individuals who are facing domestic violence charge build a defense.

Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence isn’t limited to blood relations only. It encompasses anyone who lives in or has lived in the same household. This includes but isn’t limited to spouses, romantic partners, and parties who had a previous romantic connection in the past.

These charges aren’t limited to assault only. They may include unwanted touching or physical contact as well. The charges are classified according to their severity and nature of the crime. Additional charges may apply based on the victim’s age. Any acts of a sexual or provocative nature could equate to further abuse charges.

Reviewing Criminal Penalties for Domestic Violence

Any class A misdemeanor charge for domestic violence could equate to a maximum of one year in county lockup. If convicted, the individual could acquire a fine that will not exceed $4,000. The specific crime, its severity, and the previous record of the defendant determines if they receive a sentence and a fine.

Any third degree felony charge could equate to no less than two years and no more than ten years in prison. The maximum penalty for these charges is $10,000. Defendants may receive the maximum penalty if they have two or more convictions for domestic violence.

Any second degree felony charge incurs a prison sentence with a minimum of two years. The maximum for this charge is twenty years. The fine for the charge is $10,000.

Any first degree felony is punishable by a sentence of no less than five years in prison. The maximum for the offense is ninety-nine years. The fine for the charge won’t exceed $10,000.

In Texas, domestic violence is defined as any form of intentional physical assault in which the purpose is to harm the victim. These charges apply to current and former household members. Any who is facing a charge for domestic abuse should contact an attorney today to build their defense.