Robbery Charges and Penalties

Robbery Charges

Robbery charges typically result from the act of taking something of value from a person in their presence using either force or violence or a threat of force or violence. During a robbery, the perpetrator always uses a weapon or threatens to use one. In most states, there are harsh penalties for robbery charges including up to 20 years in prison or probation and fines reaching up to $ 20,000.

Criminal courts in Houston, TX, take robbery very seriously and it is penalized very severely. When you get arrested for robbery, it will feel as if no one is on your side and as if everyone is against you. This is why you need to hire the best defense attorney you possibly can so they can do their job at getting you out of the mess you got yourself into.

Robbery is classified in three different degrees although the second degree is the most common. To make you fully understand what Houston robbery charges entail and what a criminal is likely to face, herein are a few things that will help you.

Different types of robberies

Criminal laws classify charges in different ways. For instance, a crime could be a misdemeanor or a felony and could range from a first, second or even third degree as well. This means the sentencing guidelines are different for each category and they also vary depending on the circumstances of the robbery. For specific information on a case, a professional defense lawyer in Houston, TX will help out well as required.

Misdemeanor– The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is the value of the stolen property. The standard threshold is usually $, 1000 and below that point, it is a misdemeanor. Penalties will be determined on past convictions as they increase the jail term and even fines as well.

Felony theft– When the value of the stolen property goes beyond $1,000, the charges becomes a felony. The penalties depend on the value of the property. Anything from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 could evoke up to 15 years in prison and $ 10,000 in fines. Anything that values beyond $ 10,000 gets more serious penalties compared to the others.

Armed robbery– The circumstances usually determine the outcome of the case. If there is a deadly weapon involved, it becomes a serious felony categorized in the third degree. If there is a threat to use a weapon, even if there is no weapon present, the charges are just as serious because the criminal instilled fear in their victims.

Carjacking– Carjacking is a felony and the penalties are determined by the fact that the criminal was armed or not. This could lead up to 30 years in prison.

Robbery Classification

Second-degree robbery

Generally, Houston robbery charges are considered a second-degree felony with a potential of up to 20 years in prison. For a criminal to be convicted, the prosecutor will need to prove without any reasonable doubt that they caused bodily harm to their victims either intentionally, knowingly or even recklessly. The prosecutor also needs to prove that the criminal knowingly or intentionally threatened or placed the victim in fear or bodily harm or even death.

Third-degree robbery

Houston robbery charges can be elevated to a third-degree felony if the charges are far more serious than those of a second-degree felony. This is when the charges become aggravated robbery charges. This means that the criminal in addition to all the things mentioned in a second-degree felony:

· The criminal also caused bodily harm or injured a victim.

· Used or exhibited a deadly weapon.

· Threatened to harm or placed fear of death to a person who is either 65 years of age or more or even the person was disabled.

However, regardless of the robbery charges, a criminal will be facing severe consequences that will change their whole life. Apart from serving time in a prison, the charges will remain on their record for the rest of their life as well, which can impact a lot of things negatively once they get out of prison.


Fortunately, the constitution gives even criminals rights and all they need to do is get the best attorney in Houston to defend those rights well as needed. A competent defense attorney can help a robbery case and lessen the impact it could have on someone’s life.