Clearing Your Criminal Record: Getting A DUI Expunged

getting a dui expunged

Every 20 minutes in Texas, someone gets hurt or involved in a DWI incident.

DUIs are treated seriously in Texas because they’re usually issued to minors. The idea is to get them to improve their behavior before they receive a DWI.

If you’ve learned your lesson from your run-in with the law and want to start fresh, you’ve probably wondered about getting a DUI expunged.

Every kid makes mistakes. We all hope we can go into adulthood with a clean slate. Getting a DUI expunged helps make sure the mistakes of our adolescence don’t affect our lives as adults.

If you’ve got a DUI on your record, here are three ways you could start fresh.

1. Were You Found Not Guilty?

If you were found not guilty of a DUI, getting it removed is easy. You may still have an arrest on your record, but the DUI charge can be stricken from your file.

Most people charged with a DUI get convicted, mainly because blood alcohol tests and roadside exams prove them guilty.

If you passed one of these tests or the arresting officer made a mistake, you have a high chance of getting the DUI expunged; you might even lose the arrest itself.

2. Was The Case Dismissed?

A dismissed case provides you some leeway when expunging your DUI. In the case of a dismissal, you may be able to have both the arrest and the DUI removed.

If your case never went to trial, it may have been dismissed. Whether or not you remember all of the details, you can check with your county clerk’s office. 

If your case was dismissed, you should petition to have your DUI removed from your criminal record.

3. Try For An Appeal

If you were convicted in your DUI case, don’t worry. All is not lost. You can still appeal your conviction in court. A successful appeal, by the right attorney, can overturn your conviction and clear your name.

If you had an otherwise clean record, a judge might take pity on you and grant an appeal.

If you get an appeal and win, make sure you fly right in the future. A judge who supports this appeal will be frustrated if you return to the court with a similar conviction in the future.

Getting A DUI Expunged Is Possible Under Any Conditions

If your DUI has kept you from certain jobs or scholarships, getting it expunged will give you a second chance. 

Once you’re ready to get the process started, contact us for more guidance on how to get the results that you want.