What To Look For When Searching For A Houston DWI Lawyer


A DWI is a severe offense that can be expensive; it can affect your day to day life and is just downright stressful. We all know the dangers of driving under the influence, but sometimes all it takes is a drink or two for you to face a DWI charge.

If you find yourself in this predicament, it will be your best bet to hire a professional Houston DWI attorney like those at Vinas & Graham, PLLC. Their experience can prove vital in ensuring that you obtain the best result possible.

Look For A DWI Lawyer Who Can Act Fast

When you hire a DWI attorney, look for one who can begin investigating the case right away. It’ll be in you and the lawyer’s best interest to start the investigation as soon as possible, as evidence tends to disappear the longer it takes to uncover it. A delay will also cause you to forget details of what happened when you were stopped, which can be a vital element of the defense. Why would you want to have the process take longer than necessary simply because the defense attorney you call is too busy to get back in touch with you promptly?

Experience Counts

DWI defense is a specialty practice, meaning that finding a lawyer with substantial experience can put you a step ahead. An experienced attorney will go through every detail and use every piece of favorable evidence they can to increase your advantage.

Fashioning A Creative Strategy

Knowledge and experience will allow your defense attorney the ability to fashion the right strategy to approach your case. DWI defense is not straight forward, despite state prosecutors claiming otherwise. It takes a multi-pronged approach both in defense tactics and mitigation practices to ensure that all your bases are covered and that you are given every opportunity possible to resolve the case in a manner that is favorable to you and your loved ones.

Understanding What Is Important To You

DWI attorneys must understand the goals of their clients long before the case winds through the litigation process. To understand these goals, a DWI attorney needs to spend the time with their client to understand the underlying issues behind the DWI charge. Only through this process can the client’s needs be met, and the attorney’s understanding be satisfied.

Standing By You Every Step Of The Way

In many cases, the most critical characteristic of a DWI defense attorney is their loyalty to their client, no matter the circumstances. A skilled DWI attorney will not only assist in the defense of the case but also be there in their client’s time of need. “Being there” is an essential element of representation as it is common for client’s anxiety, stress, and fear to overcome them unless their questions are answered in a way that is practical and thorough. This peace of mind might be one of the most essential elements of a DWI defense as it keeps the client’s eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.

What Questions Should I Ask My Attorney?

Coming prepared for your initial attorney/client consultation will make the representation process more efficient and the manner of representation more thorough. When preparing for this meeting, come armed with the following questions:

Is There A Charge For The Initial Consultation?

One of the easiest ways to negatively affect an attorney and a potential client relationship is a misunderstanding as to what the cost of the initial consultation will be. To avoid this confusion, you must clarify this issue before setting up the meeting.

Once you are clear on the initial consultation cost, questions surrounding billing and hourly rates are also important. Understanding whether the attorney will charge hourly or a flat rate will ensure that there is no confusion down the road when the stakes are at their highest.

What Experience Does The Attorney Have?

When you are searching for a lawyer to defend your DWI case, you want to find someone that has extensive experience, and that has a track record for success. Asking the attorney to provide some recent case results is a good way to get a grasp of an attorney’s ability to litigate their DWI cases successfully.

Is The Attorney Familiar With The Court You Will Appear In?

An attorney that has been to a courtroom many times will have a good understanding of how that courtroom handles cases and can use this knowledge in their strategy. Ensuring that your attorney has sufficient experience with the practices and procedures of the specific court will ensure you have an advocate who can easily navigate their way around the courtroom, which will result in more efficient handling of your case.

Confirm The Attorney You Are Talking To Will Be The Attorney Handling Your Case

Sometimes when you go to an office and have a consultation with an attorney, they may not be the attorney who will handle your case. Ensure which attorney at the firm will be with you every step of the way. If it is not the attorney you are meeting with, request a second consultation with the representing attorney before you determine if you wish to retain the firm.

Don’t Risk Retaining Anything But The Best In Your DWI Case

A DWI offense is a serious charge. If you are convicted, you are facing severe penalties, including significant jail time. The risk a DWI carries in Texas makes it critical to retain the expertise and advice from an experienced legal counsel. The attorneys at Vinas & Graham will do everything in their power to get you the best possible outcome just as they have for many others in their over 30 years of defending DWI cases. To find out more, follow them on facebook.