How A Houston Federal Crimes Attorney Can Help You – Part 1

federal crimes

Criminal defense attorneys at Vinas & Graham, PLLC, have more than 30 years of combined experience handling federal crimes cases. We know that federal government cases are different than Texas state court cases, and we are not afraid to stand up to federal prosecutors.

Federal crimes are governed by federal laws and sentencing guidelines. See below for part 1 of how a Houston federal crimes attorney can help you defend your charges and your constitutional rights in federal prosecution matters.

Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Under the Controlled Substances Act, drugs regulated by the federal government are divided into schedules based on certain factors, such as medical use, the potential for abuse, and the risk to public health. Possession of a controlled substance is not always a crime, however. The possession of some scheduled drugs is legal with a valid prescription for legitimate medical use.

If you have been charged with possessing, manufacturing, or distributing a controlled substance, an attorney can help by examining police conduct and the evidence collected. If your rights were violated with an illegal search and seizure or another type of misconduct, your attorney might seek to have the evidence thrown out and your charges dismissed.

Federal Bank Robbery Crimes

Bank robbery is a felony crime, and charges are usually brought at the federal level. Sentencing for bank robbery convictions is based on the federal sentencing guidelines depending on the value of the property taken, whether or not a weapon was used during the robbery and other factors.

Sentencing for bank robbery convictions can be up to 25 years or more under some circumstances. Bank robbery charges do not have to result in convictions, however, especially when you have an experienced attorney to help you negotiate with prosecutors and build a solid defense.

Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud, such as identity and benefit fraud, can result in prison time, removal proceedings, and other consequences. If you have been charged with an immigration fraud crime, you need a federal crimes attorney to make sure that your rights are protected during your legal proceedings.

Defendants accused of immigration crimes are often victims of unfair bias and language barriers. An attorney will help you understand the charges against you, ensure that you have access to interpretation services, and stand up to federal agents and prosecutors who have accused you of fraud and other immigration crimes.

RICO Crimes

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (‘RICO’) is broadly stated and interpreted to cover a wide range of criminal activity. Criminal conduct such as bankruptcy fraud, human trafficking, money laundering, and embezzlement that can be considered RICO crimes carry enhanced penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, and forfeiture of assets.

Attorneys can not only help defend the charges against you, but they can help protect your assets and your freedom. They can also negotiate plea deals, including cooperation with federal agents and prosecutors for reduced or dismissed charges.

Federal Weapons Charges

U.S. citizens have a constitutional right to bear arms, but there are restrictions and requirements for possessing and carrying weapons. If you violate federal weapons laws, your right to bear arms may be in jeopardy.

Weapons charges often involve allegations of possession of an illegal weapon or the illegal use, possession, or dealing of a weapon. Federal crimes attorneys know conceal, carry, and possession laws. They can help you defend your weapons charges and fight to protect your right to bear arms.

Internet Crimes

There has been a steady increase in internet crimes over the last several decades, and these crimes pose threats to individuals, businesses, and government entities. As the severity of crimes and threats have increased, the federal government has stepped up efforts to prosecute these crimes.

Unfortunately, prosecutors and law enforcement officers sometimes overreact to conduct that they see as illegal or threatening, and innocent actors are charged with internet crimes that they did not intend to commit. Criminal defense attorneys with internet crime experience are familiar with overzealous prosecution, and they know how to gather exculpatory evidence and defend their accused clients.

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