The Top Most Common Federal Crimes

federal crimes

Federal crimes attorneys at Vinas & Graham, PLLC know that federal charges are different than state charges, and it takes specialized knowledge and experience to defend clients in federal court. Theft, weapons charges, armed robbery, possession of a controlled substance, internet crimes, and white-collar crimes are some of the most common federal criminal charges that our clients face.


Theft charges involve taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently. Typically, federal theft charges involve stolen property that has been transported across state lines or otherwise involves more than one state during the commission of the crime. Theft may also be charged at the federal level when text messaging, or email is used to commit a crime involving stolen goods.


Violating federal weapon laws and regulations can result in federal weapons charges. Federal agencies often get involved when firearms and other weapons are illegally possessed, distributed, or transported across state lines.

Smuggling weapons or ammunition across the national border or state lines often results in federal firearms trafficking charges. These charges are also common when a weapon is used during the commission of a crime or when a person with prior felony convictions is in possession of a firearm.

Armed Robbery

Robbery is similar to theft charges in that it involves taking someone else’s property with the intent to steal the property. Theft can be charged as the more serious crime of robbery when it involves the use of violence or threat of violence to accomplish the theft. Armed robbery is committed when a firearm or other type of weapon is used during the commission of the crime.

Possession Of A Controlled Substance

A controlled substance is a drug that the federal government regulates. It is not always illegal to possess a controlled substance. For example, if you have a valid prescription of a controlled substance, possessing it is not a crime. However, if you do not have a valid prescription, you can be charged with possession. Possession is a serious federal crime, but it is generally not as severe as selling or distributing a controlled substance.

Internet Crimes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the lead federal agency that investigates cybercrimes, also known as internet crimes. Common types of internet crimes involve ransomware, phishing, spoofing, identity theft, online predators, business email compromise, and other crimes that involve internet use. In an effort to crackdown on criminal activity online, penalties for federal internet crime convictions are severe.

White-Collar Crimes

Federal white-collar crimes are typically non-violent crimes that involve criminal activity motivated by financial gain. Perpetrators are often professional employees with access to business and personal assets. Health care fraud, internet crimes, money laundering, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, and credit card fraud are examples of white-collar crimes.

Federal Crimes Attorney

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