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Joe Vinas

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Vinas
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Joe Vinas is a TOP RATED Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Houston, Texas, focusing on State and Federal Criminal cases. In 2013, Houstonia Magazine named Joe Vinas one of the TOP ATTORNEYS in Houston. Joe has also earned the title of SUPERB, with a perfect of 10 out of 10 on the lawyer referral website

In 2014, The National Trail Lawyers named Joe Vinas one of the TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS in Criminal Law.

As a FORMER FELONY CHIEF PROSECUTOR with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Joe has tried over 80 criminal trials, and supervised prosecutors in dozens more. As a felony prosecutor, Joe was undefeated in the courtroom, never losing a jury trial. Joe began his career at the District Attorney’s Office in 1999 before he started law school and quickly rose through the ranks. Along the way, Joe spent time in the Misdemeanor, Family Criminal Law, Juvenile, Justice Court, Grand Jury, Intake, and Felony Divisions.

He has tried before a jury virtually every type of criminal case, including Capital Murder, Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Attempted Capital Murder, Arson, Theft, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Drug cases, and more. In 2010, Joe began teaching cadets at the Houston Police Academy. By the time he left the DA’s Office, Joe taught over 500 future Houston Police Officers the laws behind the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and the complexities of Arrest, Search, and Seizure. He began teaching at the Tomball Police Department in 2012.

Joe taught future and current police officers the law and procedures on several subjects, including Family Violence Prevention, Riot Suppression, Sexual Assault Protective Orders, and Search Warrants. Joe was also selected to teach the law behind Arrest, Search, and Seizure – easily the most complex area of law in the criminal field. Joe taught over 500 Houston Police Officers, and roughly 50 Tomball Police Officers, the proper legal channels to follow before they can arrest or search an individual.

As a Felony Chief Prosecutor, Joe volunteered to represent the State in Harris County’s S.T.A.R. Drug Court program. Using a more clinical approach to handling those charged with drug offenses, the S.T.A.R. Court team treats individuals with various resources as alternatives to incarceration. Because of his experience with S.T.A.R. Court, Joe can present prosecutors and judges with different sentencing options that do not include time in jail. Joe’s background as a former Assistant District Attorney has given him the trial experience to fully evaluate how a judge or jury will view a case before setting it for trial.

If a case does proceed to trial, Joe has the experience and qualifications to represent those accused with a crime at every level. Joe’s teaching experience at the Houston Police Academy and the Tomball Police Department has given him a unique ability to dissect Search Warrants, Arrest Warrants, and probable cause to find any legal issues that can result in evidence suppression and dismissals. Very few defense attorneys in the State of Texas have this experience under their belt.

While in law school at the University of Houston Law Center, Joe excelled on the Mock Trial team, garnering victories over several top ranked law schools from across the nation. In 2002, he earned the title Regional Champion of the Texas Young Lawyers’ Association National Trial Competition. Joe was also elected by the student body to the office of President of the Student Bar Association.

The faculty recognized Joe’s abilities in the courtroom and awarded him the Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Award. Upon graduation, the Dean of Students recognized Joe’s service and commitment to the University by awarding him the Distinguished Service Award.

Joe graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Because of his background, Joe has the ability to not only analyze and evaluate cases that contain technical or scientific evidence, but to also present prosecutors, judges, and jurors, with alternative explanation to events that may not be criminal at all. Joe is admitted to practice in Texas state courts, county courts, and justice courts.

He is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and Eastern District of Texas. Joe is ready to bring his experience as a TOP RATED Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer work for you. Contact the criminal attorneys at Vinas & Graham, PLLC. today.

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Our blog contains excellent resources to help you make informed decisions regarding your rights.

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