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murder charges

Murder Charges In Texas: What You Need To Know

Homicide is the most serious offense in the criminal justice system, which is why it is so important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you find yourself facing murder charges. A lawyer can explain the most important things

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search and seizure
Arrest Search and Seizure

Are There Exceptions To Search And Seizure Laws In Texas?

Search and seizure is a well-known term used when a law enforcement officer seeks evidence of a crime on a person or property. The fourth amendment of the United States Constitution protects an individual’s due process rights and prohibits unreasonable

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RICO charge

What A RICO Charge Can Mean For You

If you have recently received a RICO charge, you may have a lot of questions. The outcome of your case largely depends upon the experience and knowledge of the attorney you have representing you. But it is important for you

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Texas Expunction/Non-Disclosure/Pre-Trial Diversions

What Does It Mean To Get My Record Expunged In Texas?

As many people who have been convicted of a crime can attest, it can be difficult to overcome the negative stigma that follows involvement with the criminal justice system. Texas provides for the ability to expunge a criminal record, which

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