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bank robbery
Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery: What You Need To Know

If you have been charged with bank robbery in Texas, you probably realize that you have been charged with a serious offense, and the consequences for a conviction will have lifelong impacts. Criminal defense attorneys at Vinas & Graham, PLLC, are experienced federal crimes attorneys who fight to protect their clients’ rights. In general, bank robbery is defined as taking

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drug/narcotics trafficking & distribution

Facing Drug Or Narcotics Trafficking And Distribution? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you are facing drug or narcotics trafficking and distribution charges, the first thing you need to know is that these are only allegations and not convictions. These charges are serious, however, and you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for your rights and interests. Criminal defense attorneys at Vinas & Graham, PLLC, represent defendants who have been

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illegal search and seizure
Arrest Search and Seizure

Steps To Take If You Feel You Have Been Arrested Due To An Illegal Search And Seizure

Under federal laws and Texas state laws, you have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. With some exceptions, law enforcement officers may not conduct searches that violate your reasonable expectation of privacy without a search warrant or your express permission. Evidence collected in violation of your rights may not be admissible in court, and attorneys at Vinas &

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DWI in Texas

DWI Conviction: What It Will Cost You

There are many reasons to avoid driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, including the high financial costs associated with DWI charges and convictions. When most people think of DWI penalties and consequences, they think of license suspensions and criminal records. Defendants are often surprised by the significant monetary consequences of DWI convictions. Costs related to a DWI in

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immigration fraud charges
Immigration Fraud Charges

Facing Immigration Fraud Charges? Here’s What You Need To Know

Immigration fraud is a crime in the United States. There are many different types of immigration fraud, and some of them carry steeper penalties than others. Regardless of the difference in penalties, all immigration fraud charges are a potential threat to your freedom. If you are under investigation or you have been charged with immigration fraud, you need an attorney

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Robbery Charges

What’s At Risk If You Are Convicted On A Robbery Charge?

Robbery typically results from the theft of another person’s property by force or violence or with the threat of force or violence. During a robbery, the perpetrator always uses a weapon or threatens to use one. States like Texas have harsh penalties for robbery charges that may include up to 20 years in prison or probation and fines reaching up

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money laundering
Money Laundering

What You Need To Know If Facing Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering laws are complex and serious, with consequences that could ruin your life. Your first step if facing money laundering charges is to speak with a criminal defense attorney experienced in money laundering litigation. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner you can take steps in determining the extent of your potential criminal liability. The following article

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Possession Of A Controlled Substance
Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Are You Facing Federal Charges For Possession Of A Controlled Substance?

The federal sentencing guidelines for drugs are hard to understand and vary according to factors such as the specific crime charged and the type and quantity of the drug alleged. While only an experienced federal criminal law attorney can provide counsel regarding what to expect in a specific case, the following is a guideline as to what to expect if

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