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order of nondisclosure
Order Of Non-Disclosure

How To Obtain An Order Of Nondisclosure

Just because a person has completed all legal proceedings around a criminal issue doesn’t mean the issues have disappeared. Law enforcement will still have records of the case and could disclose them if requested. This could damage an individual’s chances

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money laundering
Money Laundering

Common Money Laundering Schemes

Money laundering is a term used to describe a scheme that involves carrying out financial transactions of illegally obtained money to conceal the source of funds. In other words, it consists of using the funds received through illegal means to

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domestic violence
Domestic Violence

How Do I Obtain A Restraining Order For Domestic Violence?

In Texas, victims of domestic violence may secure restraining orders to protect themselves and members of their households. To obtain a restraining order, the domestic violence victim must file a restraining order request along with details of the domestic violence

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immigration fraud
Immigration Fraud Charges

Different Types Of Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud can be investigated under a wide range of scenarios. Some are purposeful schemes where documents are fabricated in order to steal someone else’s identity or to represent a fictitious identity. In other cases, immigration fraud can simply be

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grand jury
Grand Jury

Will My Case Go Before A Grand Jury?

The Texas grand jury process is not meant to be transparent. The Texas Code of Criminal Conduct makes it clear that only prosecutors, court staff, and witnesses who are under examination may be in the presence of the grand jury.

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weapons possession charges in Texas
Weapons Charge

Understanding Weapons Possession Charges In Texas

Texas does not mess around when it comes to charging individuals for unlawfully possessing a weapon. Although the penalties for violating Chapter 10 of the Texas Penal Code are quite clear (i.e., you could face serious jail time if convicted),

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