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drug crimes
Drug Crimes

Contact an Experienced Lawyer Immediately for Any Drug Crime Charges

A person can be arrested and charged with drug crimes if they are stopped by driving or if there is enough of a suspicion to warrant searching their home for drugs and paraphernalia. They could also be charged if the police are called for a different matter and see drugs in plain view when they arrive at the location. The

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DWI Attorney

Hire a DUI Attorney for the Best Defense

The biggest advantage of hiring a DWI lawyer is that they know the procedures and consequences of an arrest for drunk driving. If one stands to lose their license, pay a large fine, go to jail or have a permanent blemish on their criminal record, they should hire a DWI attorney for help. Benefits of Hiring a DWI Lawyer The

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White Collar crime
White Collar Crime

A White Collar Criminal Attorney Can Help Clients Get Charges Reduced or Dismissed

White Collar crimes are those intended to result in financial gain through deception. These offenses are typically committed by businesspeople that, through their position, can access significant amounts of money belonging to other people. A white collar crime isn’t overtly illegal, drug related or violent; in fact, most perpetrators hold high positions in the community before their illegal acts are

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Murder Charges
Evidence Suppression

Evidence Suppression

Evidence can be suppressed (that is, not allowed to be used in court) for a number of reasons. Both legal and illegal actions can lead to suppression. Below, Evidence Suppression is defined, and its many causes delineated. Suppression functions the same way in both violent and White Collar crimes. Evidence suppression occurs under one of two conditions. The first is

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Federal Crime Attorney

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