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white-collar crimes
Federal Charges

White-Collar Crimes And Federal Charges: Do They Go Hand In Hand?

Sometime around the year 1939, the term ‘white-collar crime’ was first used. While this type of criminal act has somewhat made a name for itself with the mainstream pop culture sector, many people still don’t understand what the phrase entails. A question that’s even more confusing to some—is a white-collar crime serious? Or, more specifically, are white-collar crimes viewed as

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Texas grand jury
Grand Jury

Answers To Your Texas Grand Jury Questions

In all cases involving a potential felony indictment, the evidence must be presented to a Texas grand jury before the process can continue. So, what exactly does this process mean? If you’ve received a jury summons in the great state of Texas, you might be wondering what a grand jury is? Or, maybe even how they’re used within our legal

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What’s The Difference Between Manslaughter And Negligent Homicide?

When one person kills someone else, a specific term usually comes to mind: murder. This blanket term, however, does not describe every different instance of legal homicide. The experienced Houston criminal attorneys at Vinas & Graham understand that in each situation involving homicide, there are a variety of factors to consider. While first-degree and second-degree murder are the harshest homicide

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Weapons Charges
Weapons Charge

Are Your Weapons Charges Considered A Federal Crime?

The carrying or use of firearms and other weapons have become hot-button topics throughout the United States, and Texas is no exception. Whether an individual has a concealed handgun license (CHL) or not, they are held to high standards regarding their ability to own a weapon. Illegally carrying or using a weapon in the state of Texas is not taken

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Fourth Amendment Rights Violated? Crucial Action To Take
Your Rights

Fourth Amendment Rights Violated? Crucial Action To Take

As a citizen of the United States of American, the law surrounding searches and seizures is very much relevant to you. It doesn’t matter what your past relationship with the law or criminal justice system might be; you are still eligible for 4th Amendment rights. Specifically, the U.S. Constitution protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures by government officials. This

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What Makes A Crime Federal?

Getting in trouble with the law is never fun. Whether you are being charged with committing a federal crime or not, it can be daunting to understand what all a federal crime entails. What makes a crime federal? To be considered a federal crime, a criminal act must be illegal under U.S. federal law, which is made by Congress, or

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Order Of Non-Disclosure
Order Of Non-Disclosure

When Would You Need an Order Of Non-Disclosure?

Most of us do what we can to lead a lawful life and stay out of trouble. Aside from a speeding ticket here or there, most of us manage to avoid any serious legal infractions and keep a clean record. But unfortunately, things do happen – serious things with serious consequences. The outcomes of a criminal conviction are extensive, especially

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Double Jeopardy

Can You Be Prosecuted For The Same Crime Twice?

Within the realm of criminal law, we often hear the term ‘double jeopardy’ being thrown around. Most men and women have a general understanding of this phrase. Others, however, do not comprehend where the term comes from and exactly what it represents. In layman’s terms, the concept of double jeopardy deals with the fact that an accused person cannot be

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