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DWI in Texas

DWI Conviction: What It Will Cost You

There are many reasons to avoid driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, including the high financial costs associated with DWI charges and convictions. When most people think of DWI penalties and consequences, they think of license suspensions and

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money laundering
Money Laundering

What You Need To Know If Facing Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering laws are complex and serious, with consequences that could ruin your life. Your first step if facing money laundering charges is to speak with a criminal defense attorney experienced in money laundering litigation. The sooner you speak with

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order of non-disclosure
Order Of Non-Disclosure

Understanding What An Order Of Non-Disclosure Is

A criminal record can follow a person long after they complete any probationary period or sentence, making it difficult to obtain employment, housing, or even professional licensing. In Texas, after meeting specific qualifications, it is possible to petition the court

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criminal conspiracy
Criminal Conspiracy

What Does A Criminal Conspiracy Charge Mean For You?

Criminal conspiracy may sound like a well-orchestrated operation involving many participants, but conspiracy charges often relate to much smaller and less sophisticated operations. As described in more detail below, it only takes two people to agree to commit a crime

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Federal Charges

Is Kidnapping A Federal Crime?

Kidnapping charges are very serious, especially when specific circumstances, described in more detail below, make kidnapping a federal crime. Federal convictions often yield longer prison time and steeper fines for defendants. Beyond prison time and fines, kidnapping convictions are felony

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illegal reentry
Illegal Reentry

What Do I Do If Charged With Illegal Reentry?

We know that there are many reasons that people enter the United States and remain here in violation of immigration laws. We also know that families want to stay together in the United States because they feel safe, and there

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