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federal charges
Federal Charges

What Makes A Federal Criminal Charge More Severe Than A State Charge

When it comes to a federal crime in the United States, it is defined as one that is illegal under federal criminal law, rather than under state criminal law. There are three levels of law in the United States: federal, state, and local. It is most common to be charged under state criminal law, but in cases of a crime

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Murder Vs. Manslaughter: The Differences To Be Aware Of

Homicide occurs when a person dies as a result of another person’s actions. There are various kinds of homicide with varying degrees of repercussions. In the state of Texas, homicide cases can be very complicated and charges stemming from these cases carry the heaviest penalty range in the entire criminal justice system. Under Texas law, a person can be charged

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Texas Expunction
Texas Expunction/Non-Disclosure/Pre-Trial Diversions

Expunctions, Non-Disclosures, & Pre-Trial Diversions

Have you been charged with a crime in Texas, and you’re looking for the best way to secure your future? Whether it’s your first misdemeanor or felony offense or you have a history of offenses, it is worrying to think about what your charge may do to your future. Will you be able to stay in your job or go

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rights during an arrest
Arrest Search and Seizure

Know Your Rights During An Arrest, Search And Seizure

An arrest, search and seizure can be an unsettling time, particularly when you’re not sure how your case is going to go. It can be harrowing if you don’t know your rights or if an attorney will even be able to fight for your freedom. Not all evidence is equal in the eyes of the law though, and how incriminating

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getting a dui expunged

Clearing Your Criminal Record: Getting A DUI Expunged

Every 20 minutes in Texas, someone gets hurt or involved in a DWI incident. DUIs are treated seriously in Texas because they’re usually issued to minors. The idea is to get them to improve their behavior before they receive a DWI. If you’ve learned your lesson from your run-in with the law and want to start fresh, you’ve probably wondered about

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federal crime
Federal Charges

What To Do When Faced With Federal Crime Charges

According to the most recent reports by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), almost 900,000 federal crimes are committed in the state of Texas every year.  People make mistakes, some more serious than others. If you find yourself looking at serious charges here’s what you need to know. It’s Not The End Of The World If you’ve committed a federal crime,

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Attempted murder
Attempted Murder

Have You Been Charged With Attempted Murder?

If you’ve been charged with attempted murder, your life has probably been turned upside down. You probably wonder what to do and how to get out of trouble. Right now, the question isn’t whether you committed the crime. The question is, who will defend you in this difficult time? Attempted Murder Is A Very Serious Charge That’s why it’s so

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is a DUI a felony

Is A DUI A Felony In Texas? Your Answer Here

Houston has quite a reputation of a party town. Unfortunately, this non-stop partying attributed to 1,492 DUI-related crashes in 2016. Those lucky to avoid crashes are met with tough justice having them wonder… is a DUI a felony? The short answer: It depends. Let’s use this article to explain the factors and your options with a DUI charge. Is A DUI A

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