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The Different Types Of Domestic Abuse (And How You Should Handle It)

When we think of domestic violence, what comes to mind? Maybe what’s on the news such as a superstar’s case against an abuser. Or that there has been another death caused by a husband or wife.

It doesn’t all have to be physical. There are types of domestic abuse where the accused doesn’t have to lay a hand on you.

For example, 19.3 million women in the U.S alone have experienced being stalked by a current or former partner.

But it doesn’t end with stalking and physical mistreatment. That’s why we’ll go over the different types of domestic abuse and what you can do about it.

Here we go.

Emotional Abuse

When we’re young, we’re taught that our significant others should encourage and support us in life. For those who are abused, it’s the complete opposite.

Signs of emotional abuse often mean the abuser is demeaning, critical, and insulting. They purposely say crude things to intentionally hurt their partner.

In order for it to be considered a domestic violence act, it has to be consistent. Calling you a name during an argument won’t suffice.

Reproductive Coercion

This is a type of sexual abuse. This is when a partner refuses to take the necessary steps to prevent pregnancy.

They may force their partner to stop taking contraceptives or make them have an abortion. Because this is a type of sexual abuse, it’ll hold up in court.

Psychological Abuse

Rather than being purposely demeaning or belittling, the abuser creates fear within their partner. This causes the victim to feel he or she is in danger.

The abuser may prevent their partner from leaving the house or not being able to talk to friends and family. In other terms, it’s isolation. They will then threaten with acts of violence whether it’d be physical or sexual.

In court, it’s the same as emotional abuse. It either has to consistent or severe in order to become a claim.

Financial/Economic Abuse

Remember that saying: what’s mine is yours? In this case, it’s not at all that.

Financial, or sometimes called economic abuse, is when a partner intentionally controls all the money. Even the money the victim earns from their job.

This is so the victim becomes solely dependent on them. They can withhold food, clothes and other necessities such as medicine and feminine products.

This type of abuse is more common but harder to prove in court. Lack of proof is a common defense strategy accusers will use to get the conviction dropped.


Believe it or not, stalking is a type of abuse. The stalker could be a stranger who’s taken interest in you or it could be a former or current partner.

If you sense your life is in danger because of stalking, you’ll have the upper hand in court. Stalking is considered to be a felony.

Wrapping Up On Types Of Domestic Abuse

If it’s you or someone you know in one of the situations above, don’t hesitate to take action. Continuing to stay in abusive relationships will only worsen over time and increase chances of homicide.

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