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Armed Robbery

Four Elements of Determining Aggravated or Armed Robbery

Robbery is a type of theft, but it also includes violence. There are typically two different times when a theft would be considered a robbery instead. These are:

  • When the person causes injury to the victim, intentionally or recklessly
  • When the person causes the victim to be in fear of injury or death, intentionally or knowingly

If either of these occur during the theft, it then becomes a robbery charge. This is a second-degree felony with two to twenty years in prison and possible fines of up to $10,000 if the person is convicted, but with certain other factors, it can further become aggravated or armed robbery instead.

Why The Charge Becomes “Aggravated”

There are generally three different factors that detail the difference between robbery and aggravated or armed robbery. These include the following.

  • Uses or displays a firearm or other deadly weapon
  • Causes serious injury to another, even without a deadly weapon
  • A robbery in which the victim is over 65 years old or is disabled

The second two are commonly referred to as aggravated robbery while the first element would be considered an armed robbery. With both aggravated and armed robbery, however, the person is facing serious penalties and could spend the rest of their life in prison if they are convicted.

Anytime a person is charged with aggravated or armed robbery, they’re going to want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible for help. With severe penalties and the possibility of spending life in prison, a person will want to be sure they have someone who will look after their interests and do as much as possible to help them. For more information or to get help, a person can contact Vinas & Graham today.

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