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Drug Crime Charges

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Drug Crime Charges

If Charged With A Drug Crime, You Need To Speak to An Experienced Houston Attorney Today

Drug Crimes involve the possession or distribution of Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, synthetic drugs or other illegal substances. The federal government is tough on crimes involving drugs and Texas has harsh penalties also.

If you are charged in state or federal court, you need an experienced Houston drug crimes lawyer to fight the government’s charges against you. Your career, future and freedom are on the line.

Vinas & Graham, PLLC understand what you are going through and have the specialized knowledge to guide you successfully through the legal process. With decades of experience, we have represented people charged with minor offenses as well as individuals facing major drug charges.

We are known for our aggressive stance and for getting results when fighting these cases. Convictions on drug related charges can have very serious consequences so it is of the utmost importance to retain representation.

What Should You Do When Charged With A Drug Crime In Houston?

When charged with a drug offense the first thing you should do is contact an experienced Houston attorney. You will be ensuring your rights are protected, which is a crucial first step in the process.

We will take the time to gather the details of your unique case and use our experience to get results. Hiring the right attorney has long-term benefits and protections.

How Is Sentencing For Drug Crimes In Houston Determined?

In Texas, you could be charged with a felony or misdemeanor charge depending on the type and amount of drugs the police say you had. Drug crimes are prosecuted in the state and federal courts in Texas.

A drug offence sentence can be complicated to determine. It is based on many factors, including what the drug is, the amount, and what you planned to do with it (just possession or distribution also). Where the alleged crime took place is also brought into question. For example, distributing a drug in a school zone will result in a harsher sentence.

Smaller and mid-level cases usually result in charges filed in state court and prosecuted in the DA’s office. They are investigated by local police departments, sheriffs’ offices and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

In Texas, you could be charged with a felony or misdemeanor charge depending on the type and amount of drugs the police say you had.

Marijuana Possession

Houston follows the law of the state of Texas where any derivative of marijuana is an illegal Schedule I Controlled Substance. Anyone who possesses, uses or distributes a “usable” amount, whether it involves the seeds, plant preparation or compound is subject to sentencing such as fines, drug rehabilitation and/or prison.

Cocaine Possession

Cocaine possession or distribution is a serious offence in Texas. The sentence can range from 10 years to life. It rivals that of a murder charge in terms of life-altering consequences.

A state felony charge for drugs can range from 180 days to life in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. That is quite a range of possible sentencing involving some potentially severe consequences.

Felony Drug Offense With Other Crimes

When a drug charge is connected to other, unrelated illegal activities, the punishment is even more catastrophic to your life, reputation and family as a result of a federal charge. Our law firm has experience with a variety of cases and are confident we know the right course of action.

Unlawful possession of small amounts of marijuana and prescription drugs are usually misdemeanors but can be felonies in larger quantities. Possession of other drugs, like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and ecstasy (MDMA) are felonies in any amount.

Hiring an adept Houston attorney will grant you some peace of mind that you are doing everything you can for your life and reputation.

Other Controlled Substances

Houston Drug Possession Charges

Possession of other illegal drugs can also lead to harsh sentencing, from 180 days to 99 years in prison. These substances can include methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD, heroin and certain prescription drugs. You can be looking at up to $250,000 in fines, along with rehabilitation and mandatory drug tests.

Cases involving larger amounts of narcotics (25 kilos or more) are examined by the DEA or the FBI and will most likely end up in federal court and prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office.

Drug cases involving trafficking of controlled substances in larger quantities are also vulnerable to increased sentencing.

Situations where a large amount of drugs is combined with a cohort of others can lead to federal charges without a chance of bond.

Drug cases can also be accompanied by accusations of money laundering, tampering with physical evidence, and civil lawsuits. You should be prepared for the government to try to take away your money or property because of the drug charges against you.

Drug trafficking of any illegal substance holds dire consequences affecting your life and your future. Consulting with an attorney who is skilled in managing the system is the only prudent course of action.

Situations where a large amount of drugs is combined with a cohort of others can lead to federal charges without a chance of bond.

Growing Or Processing Controlled Substances

There are various punishments depending on the drug in question. Each substance falls into its own determined group. Growing, processing, or manufacturing all are considered criminal acts.

Sentencing varies when it comes to marijuana, from fines to imprisonment. Consult a skilled Houston attorney who will make sure the outcome is in your best interest.

Pharmaceutical drugs, such as Valium and Ritalin have less severe sentencing, while methamphetamine and cocaine have the most severe penalties.

How An Experienced Houston Lawyer Can Help When Facing A Drug Charge

There are many details to your case which make it unique. While your situation is one of a kind, it will contain many similarities to cases our Houston law firm will have delved their expertise into before.

We know the law and we know what exactly needs to happen for your rights to be upheld.

Many drug charges involve a search warrant, arrest warrant, or both. An experienced drug crimes attorney should have extensive knowledge in this area.

If the police do not follow the exact, proper procedures during the investigation or arrest of someone accused of a crime, we have an opening to fight your case. If they violated your constitutional or statutory rights, our office can represent you in a Motion to Suppress the Evidence Hearing.

This can result in the judge throwing out all evidence against you, leaving the officials with no case against you. Even if the judge decides not to suppress the evidence, the jury may find you not guilty if they are convinced the police violated your rights.

Houston Drug Charges

When charged with a drug crime in the state of Texas or federal court, there are several possible ways to defend yourself, with the backup of a solid drug crimes attorney.

Once the officer or arresting agent was shown to have followed the strict set of rules maintaining your rights, they can move on to the other mandatory requirements to make a case against you.

First, the prosecutor must prove that the substance they are saying you possessed is actually an illegal drug. Some substances are not illegal to possess.

Next, the prosecutor must show that you knew you had the drugs. They must prove you intentionally and knowingly possessed the drugs. It must be irrefutably proven you knew the drugs were under your care, custody, or control.

In the scenario where the case goes to trial, you absolutely need an experienced Houston drug crimes lawyer to represent you.

Why The Law Firm Of Vinas & Graham Are The Right Choice When It Comes Defending You Against A Drug Charge

We know the police procedures and the law inside and out. We are former Chief Felony Prosecutors with decades of experience.

Joe Vinas taught hundreds of police officers at both the Houston Police Academy and Tomball Police Department the constitutional requirements for proper arrest, search, and seizure.

While assigned to the Public Integrity Division at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Spence Graham investigated and prosecuted police officers who abused their entrusted authority.

Put the expertise of drug crimes lawyers Vinas & Graham, PLLC to work for you. Your future depends on it. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Houston, contact us today so we can get to work on your case.

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